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Tales of the Extraordinary: Castro, Zune, and YouTube
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Default Tales of the Extraordinary: Castro, Zune, and YouTube

For thos who missed it, the second episode of Mr. Mojito's Voodoo Review wen-ust up last week!

Wherein Barry 'preen-usacts' Enemy Mine, Gatsby is rescued with booze, and Dickie meets the Castros!


Also, I found out three interesting things today:

1) People still use Zunes
2) Zune has a podcast marketplace.
3) Tales of the Extraordinary is on it:


And for those keeping up with our YouTube video we're prepping, here's a quick scen-use from the Fren-usch Affair we put up as an example of what we're trying to do:

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Very cute - I knew there was SOMETHING familiar about that whole "lost in the wilds with an arch-en-usemy" thing.
--Julie Hoverson
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......and Fatal Girl
.........and Tone Didactic
............and Bingo the Birthday Clown
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And they even-us had a baby!
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castro, extraordinary, tales, youtube, zune

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