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DRE Press Release - Fall/Winter 2009
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Dream Realm Enterprises
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Default DRE Press Release - Fall/Winter 2009

DRE Press Release - Fall/Winter 2009

The Misadven-ustures of Sherlock Holmes - Season 2

This Christmas, Dream Realm Enterprises is proud to presen-ust Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in their funniest, most exciting, and epic Misadven-usture yet!

Starting in early December, and stripped across the four weeks leading up to Christmas, Season 2 of The Misadven-ustures of Sherlock Holmes is an ambitious four-part serial called The Misadven-usture of the Stalking Death.

The Stalking Death features perhaps the most impressive cast assembled for a single DRE Production, including (in alphabetical order): David Ault, Jim Barbour, Kyle Borcz, Cookie Colletti, Craig Cooksey, Dani Cutler, Valina Cutler, David Drage, Paeter Frandsen-us, Shane Harris, Lisanne Heyward, Wayne Heyward, Elie Hirschman, Gwen-usdolyn Jen-ussen-us-Woodard, Darrell Looney, Teg Gray, Jon Morss, Jeff Niles, Jonithan Patrick Russell, Kat Waterflame, Perry Whittle, Sally Wiget & Kae Woo.

And in the spirit of seasonal gen-userosity, all the traditional Christmas Carols featured in The Stalking Death have been-us arranged and performed by the Bristol Cathedral Concert Choir exclusively for use in this production.


The Misadven-usture of the Stalking Death
A murder/mystery- conspiracy theory-action/adven-usture-romantic comedy audio play for Christmas
Written-us by Vince Stadon

It is Christmas 1887, and as Her Majesty Queen-us Victoria celebrates her Jubilee Year, death stalks the streets of London.

When-us a world-famous clien-ust stumbles, dying, into the arms of Dr Watson, Mr Sherlock Holmes deduces that once again the game is afoot! The Great Detective and his faithful companion must solve an impossible murder; track down a London law firm which seems to have never existed; escape from the clutches of a deadly species of exotic animal; and avoid being repeatedly punched in the face by irate women-us.

Inspired by true historical even-usts, The Stalking Death features a series of appalling terrorist attacks at the heart of the British Governmen-ust, an audacious assassination, a conspiracy spanning two continen-usts, and a thrillingly high-octane, edge-of-your-seat vehicle chase through a bustling major city which rivals the one in The Fren-usch Connection--only in audio, and with horse-drawn carriages.


Sherlock Holmes is Arthur Conan Doyle’s baby, and Dream Realm Enterprises are very happy to help change his nappies.
The Misadven-ustures of Sherlock Holmes – Elemen-ustary Comedy.


2 Sides 2 Every Story

A brand new series of audio comedy coming this fall from Dream Realm Enterprises!

Think you know the story? Think again!
Classic tales of literature, myth, history and legen-usd as you’ve never heard them before... straight from the mouths of the characters themselves.

We’ve interviewed the key participants in the most famous and en-usduring stories of them all, and in five- to -ten-us minute monologues these legen-usdary characters give wildly contradictory accounts of what really happen-used...

Think you know the characters? Think again!
Speaking candidly and definitively in an attempt to set the record straight, these famous characters finally reveal their true natures... shattering the popular images we’re all familiar with.

Count Dracula: suave and sexy icon of Gothic literature, or whiny, self-pitying recluse?

Little Red Riding Hood: sweet and humble granddaughter, or vacuous and bitchy party girl?

Achilles: legen-usdary hero of the Trojan Wars, or a bit of a heel?

Whatever the story, whoever the character, you’ve never heard it told like this before.

There are two sides to every story. Who will you side with?


SEASON 1 (Three - 20 minute episodes)
Starring Cookie Colletti, Paeter Frandsen-us, Elie Hirschman, Jeff Niles, Jonithan Patrick Russell, Kae Woo, and with Gwen-usdolyn Jen-ussen-us-Woodard as the Interviewer.

Created, Written-us & Produced by: Vince Stadon.
Script Editor: Kae Woo
Executive Producer for Dream Realm: Jonithan Patrick Russell


Episode One:

Professor Abraham Van Helsing & Count Dracula
Written-us by Vince Stadon
Based on the novel “Dracula” by Bram Stoker

At Whitby Men-ustal Asylum, Van Helsing (Elie Hirschman) talks candidly--if not altogether lucidly--of his epic war against the armies of the undead and his pathological fear of bats; whilst in Transylvania, the reclusive Count Dracula (Paeter Frandsen-us) moans about the property market and the exploitation of his image.


Episode Two:

Faust & Mephistopheles
By Vince Stadon
Based on “Dr Faustus” by Christopher Marlowe, and “Faust” by Goethe

Ruthless Wall Street trader Faust (Jeff Niles) reveals how his bargain with the Devil was merely a case of astute Insider Dealing and sound fiscal policy; Mephistopheles (Cookie Colletti) takes us on a guided tour of Hell and tells us about her love of Soul Music.


Episode Three:

Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf
By Vince Stadon
Based on the traditional fairy tale popularised by Hans Christian Andersen-us

Poolside at her L.A. mansion, not-so little Red Riding Hood (Kae Woo) gossips about fashion, make-up, cute boys, and a certain wolf; serving time in a Correctional Facility, the cool and wily Big Bad Wolf (Jonithan Patrick Russell) chews over the art of the Long Con, and repen-usts his career as a professional con artist.


Robotz of the Company - Holiday Special 2009

"The League of Evil Botz"
Written-us by Jonithan Patrick Russell & Vince Stadon

A brand new two-part Holiday Special coming in December from Dream Realm Enterprises.


Coming this holiday season, the Botz are back! Just when-us you thought you'd seen-us the last of them, the Bot Villains are back... and this time it's personal.

First of all, that pesky Season Five Cliffhanger: Well, did you really think the Titan 2 was destroyed? Ha! As if!

It's nearly Santicon Day, and everything is miraculously back to normal. But what is normal for the Robotz of the Company?! Do you think things could really be so simple? Nope!

This is the special that begs the question, what would happen-us if all the Bot Villains got together to plot against our heroes?! Can you guess?! No need to try! Simply tune in this December to learn who the Big 13 are who would dare to try and destroy Santicon Day!

This year it's mayhem for the Botz during the holiday season. But how is that differen-ust from any other year?! This time ALL the villains are making a comeback! Heck, there are even-us villains you never knew were villains! Who are they?! You'll have to tune in to find out, naturally!

It could also be the return of another certain Bot, as well as the first appearance of the big bot himself... you know who! You do know who, don't ya?! No?! Again... you'll have to tune in this December to Robotz of the Company - The League of Evil Botz to find out! Be sure to... stay tuned!



Well, now that you've read about the new releases coming your way this fall and winter at, I'm sure you're just about as excited as you can get! Want more news? Okay, here's some:

In addition to the above announced new shows, DRE will also be premiering the first adven-usture in our 3rd Season of DRE's Fan Produced Dr Who Series! That's right! The two-part adven-usture called "The Snare", which features Ronn Smith as the Doctor, Sara Garrard as Grae, and Shannon Hilchie as Amara will finally premiere at! The exact release date has yet to be determined, but we are lining it up for release sometime in November! More news on the exact premiere date is coming soon!

Then-us we will be presen-usting the rest of Season 3 early (and throughout) 2010! Each new story will be released periodically throughout the new year! More details are coming soon, so watch your inbox and the website for further details as they develop!

It's going to be an exciting season for releases at, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for all the action, plus a few surprises along the way! Including some very special episodes of The Dark Building Lounge - Hosted by Jeff Niles!

There's lots more to come, so please... stay tuned!

Jonithan Patrick Russell
__________________ - Official Home of the Robotz of the Company! Celebrating 10 years!!
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