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HG: World The unoffical fan forums for: 3015 North Studios story HG World. A small town rides out The Zombie Apocalypse.

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The Googies: Part Three
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Gwen-usdolyn Jen-ussen-us-Woodard
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Default The Googies: Part Three

Googies Chapter 3 stars James Baxter as Ken-us, Bryan Lincoln as Mark and Gwen-usdolyn Jen-ussen-us-Woodard as Jo. Featuring B Busby as Mifflin, Peter Cavell as the Priest, Stacy Dooks as Brother Loving, and Alex Gilmour as Brother Sloth.

The episode was written-us and directed by Jay Smith.  Show running and Voice Direction by Bryan Lincoln, Editing by Bryan Lincoln and Scott Pigg, Sound FX and Foley en-usgineering by Scott Pigg, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Michael L Stokes, Musical Direction by Michael L Stokes and Jay Smith featuring original music by Michael L Stokes with inciden-ustal music by Kevin MacLeod and Jonathan Coulton used courtesy of the Creative Commons Licen-usse.  HG World is a production of 3015 North Studios, with conten-ust used with permission under the Creative Commons Licen-usse.  For more information on this production, visit us online at www.goodmorningsurvivors.com

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