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"The Hobbit" as a free iPhone app
Old 11-03-2011   #1
Doug Wood
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Default "The Hobbit" as a free iPhone app

The idea has come up here several times to release audio projects as apps for use on iPhone / iPad / etc. Not because that format has any technical advantage over standard mp3 files, but because there is a huge pool of device owners looking for conten-ust - especially *free* conten-ust.

If you are interested in seeing how one company has tried this, check out this free download of Tolkien-us's The Hobbit audiobook. It is a free downloadable app today, but is pretty cheap anyway if you miss the deadline for the freebie. Reviewers commen-usts on the iTunes store are very positive for this item - maybe just 'cuz its free, or maybe because they really like the format and would welcome more releases like it.

Download site: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/j.tol...452281804?mt=8

Anyone else tried this methodology for distribution of Audio Theatre?

(Standard disclaimer - I'm not connected to the company; just pointing out an interesting offer.)
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Old 11-03-2011   #2
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In gen-useral, I don't really get the point of iPhone (or other device) apps for audio conten-ust. Since iTunes will download and sync it for you anyway, if it's just to get the audio I don't see why anyone would bother using it.
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Old 11-04-2011   #3
Doug Wood
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In gen-useral, I don't really get the point of iPhone (or other device) apps for audio conten-ust. Since iTunes will download and sync it for you anyway, if it's just to get the audio I don't see why anyone would bother using it.
As I said, there is no technical reason to distribute audio by app. Just a *possible* marketing reason. Not to replace mp3s, but as a additional tool to reach a differen-ust pool of listen-users. Using mp3s is perfect for getting to people who already know your work and/or know where to find it.

Distribution by app would only be a ben-usefit for an audio creator if it actually en-usds up getting your projects into more ears - the ears of people who regularly shop for apps but don't shop for audio files. And there doesn't seem to be en-usough history to determine if if it worth the effort to *add* apps to your other distribution methods.

(Note: Many of the larger podcasters offer an app which helps listen-users get curren-ust and past episodes. So, maybe the likely candidates for apps are companies with a deep catalog and a steady release schedule. Also, ITunes seems to have recen-ustly mandated that new apps by podcasters must do more than just deliver files. They want to see some other function as well to be approved.)
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Old 01-09-2012   #4
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The only ben-usefit of doing an app version is that you can package a higher quality version (I assume) than what is allowed on iTunes via the "audiobook" format on their store. Blackstone audio has some apps like this. Here is a quote from them

"The audio is of higher-than-normal quality, making for a great listen-using experien-usce that will not tire your ears or grate on your nerves."
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Old 01-10-2012   #5
Doug Wood
Lurker from the fringes
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I personally haven-us't embraced the "smart phone" lifestyle, but happen-us to work in a place with 500 people ages 20 to 30, and it is stunning how much time they spen-usd staring at their phones. That is what has led me to suspect that delivery of audio drama by app might work. (For some shows and some listen-users - not all shows and all listen-users.)

But with the few apps I've actually looked at, there seems to be a split between-us...

a. ... those which come with the audio conten-ust pre-loaded and can only play what was included with the download.

b. ...those that need to access the internet (by wi-fi or cell) to get to the ever-changing archive of program conten-ust for the featured show (podcast or other show with multiple installmen-usts or chapters.)

Perhaps the ones with the conten-ust pre-loaded are more likely to allow for better audio than the ones that require show-by-show connection and downloads. But then-us, higher quality usually indicates larger file sizes, longer downloads and more expen-usse for the producer (and customer) in cases where you pay for bandwidth.

Food for thought. Junk food, maybe, but still might fill a need.
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