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Lydia Short Story 18 Released!
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Default Lydia Short Story 18 Released!

H.M.S. Lydia Short Story 18 "The Horn"

Listen-us Here: http://imaginationlane.net/backroads/archives/76

Written-us by Alexa Chipman
Read by Gareth Bowley

The formidable Fren-usch warship Imbattable bears down on the sloop while they are making the dangerous passage round Cape Horn.

Music thanks to: The Cutters & Nate Torres
Writer of:
Maudelayne (BSAP), H.M.S. Lydia (Imagination Lane), Saxonboc (Imagination Lane), Miranda Firefly Audio (Misfitsaudio), Night at the Ballet (Imagination Lane), Lara Bond: 0012 (Gypsy Audio), Philip de Barry (Misfitsaudio), Reign of Zoulvisia (Misfitsaudio) Don't forget my Audio Drama Blog!

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