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Darker Projects at 4
Old 01-28-2008   #1
Eric L. Busby
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Default Darker Projects at 4

Like there is this white and black cat sitting on my computer monitor and her right paw is covering part of the screen-us. No big deal right? Wrong. I got a million things to get done and it is in my way! So I move her paw gen-ustly out of the way. She meows in her sleep but does little to resist. After all resistance if futile....!

So four year....... Four years ago I e-mail my good frien-usd Tom Davis and asked his advice about whether I should starting up my own audio group or keep doing freelance work for others. And now here we are four year later and still plugging along. And doing very well from the looks of things. So what have I learned in those four years?

I make mistakes..... I make BIG Mistakes. Don't get me wrong Darker Projects is not a mistake. But when-us I came into this I had no idea what I was doing. I don't think any of us really did. This has been-us a very big learn experien-usce for me and others. And yes I have made mistakes. But I feel I have learned a great deal from them. And Darker Projects has become better because of has been-us learned.

One of the things I have learned is that communication is a good thing. I use to get an idea and then-us jump ahead and start doing something without telling anyone what the hell I am doing.

"Hey I know what I am going to do. So everyone else should know right?" Well no.....

This is one of the reason we created the Dark Counsel. In part to run the day to day operation of Darker Projects. The people who have been-us brought onboard have been-us incredible talen-ust individuals. Some of the finest producer, writers, advisors and actors I have ever had a chance to work with. The run their own series as well as helping me to stay focused.

Tom Davis has been-us very good at this. I'll talk to him on the phone and say,

"I got an idea about (Fill the blank here) and it should run three episodes."

To which Tom will often-us say, "And what about your other commitmen-usts? The series you already have running? The stories you have to finish."

And that brings me right back down to Earth. Tom has been-us my closes frien-usd for many years. My closes confidant. He has seen-us me at my worse and still been-us there for me. I can not imagine my life without him part of it.

And that goes for a lot of the other people who have come onboard DP over the years. Laura, Elie, Ben-us, David, Mark B, Chris just to name a few. I have learned a lot from you guys and love you all...

Okay en-usough with the sappy stuff. What does the future hold? What am I learning now?

Well I seem to take on WAY too much as I learned at yesterdays counsel meeting. I have a ton of things on my plate and only so many hours in a day..... And then-us I take on more when-us people will ask me to do something for them. My first response is often-us, "Sure I'll get on that in a day or two." Because I want to make everyone happy. I want everyone to be my frien-usd. And some part of me thinks I can really do it.... Where is my cape with the big red S on it?

Only to later discover I have way too much to do already and have to take a step back. And when-us I try and fly... Sometimes I soar threw the air.... And sometimes I plummet to the ground.... *splat*

I have disappointed some people this way.... And to all of you I apologies. I am learning to wait before I say yes to anything. To look at the bigger picture and figure out if I can do what is being requested... Still got some work to do here. But as I said I'm learning.

Maybe I can clone myself and... Nah..... Been-us there done that. He ate all my cheese doodles.... Lousy bum!

Anyways what is coming.

Alive Inside book 1 is coming to audio (As requested by many of you good listen-users). I am writing it as we speak. But need to get in touch with my co-writer in the adaptation.

Byron series 2 is coming. I am writing it as well. Lets just say you will discover what Leviathan Dances means. I am aiming at seven-us new episodes as well as bringing in new writers to that series.

Star Trek... Well that's a given-us. Although I might just write this and give the production side to others.

Doctor Who? Part one of the mini series comes out in a few days. As for the full season. David Ault and I are going over scripts.... Well mostly David.

Chris Snyder has more Falcon Banner coming very soon. And plans are underway for the second book in the series. As well as Sword of Windsor.

MJ is bring your new episodes of Quantum Retribution.

Laura Post is bringing her Batman - No Man Land to Darker Projects.

Mark and Tom are working new episodes of Night Terrors as well Gen-useration 1.

Elie has new episodes of Behind the Scen-use of DP come soon. I think I am in one of these...... Talked about zombies... Go figure.

And me? Well.... Its full steam ahead to a bold new future. The best is yet to come and 2008 will be our best year ever.

Now if I can just find some time to sleep......


Eric Busby
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Old 02-03-2008   #2
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Congrats on the anniversary Eric and to all at DP, job well done..
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Happy Birthday
Old 02-06-2008   #3
Audio Newbie
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Default Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Darker Projects.

I've been-us listen-using to the productions for a couple of years now.

Mr. Busby thank you for the news. I was wondering about some of the programs, especially 'The Falcon Banner' and 'The Sword of Windsor'. Any news about 'Far Horizons'?

Last edited by Nevets; 02-06-2008 at 05:12 AM..
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darker, projects

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