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Imagination Lane Audio
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I bet you will, usually if you've gotten-us that far there is a story there and the momen-ustum just carries you through!
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Finished last night at 50018. Yeah once you get halfway there the rest just starts falling into place. Whoppee!!!!!
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Imagination Lane Audio
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Yay, congratulations!
Writer of:
Maudelayne (BSAP), H.M.S. Lydia (Imagination Lane), Saxonboc (Imagination Lane), Miranda Firefly Audio (Misfitsaudio), Night at the Ballet (Imagination Lane), Lara Bond: 0012 (Gypsy Audio), Philip de Barry (Misfitsaudio), Reign of Zoulvisia (Misfitsaudio) Don't forget my Audio Drama Blog!

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Default finished..

I made it at just under 52k..
but the story itself is only about 1/2 way through..
I am going to finish it though..by hook or by crook..
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