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Texas Radio Theatre 05 - Cliff Proton I - part 1
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Default Texas Radio Theatre 05 - Cliff Proton I - part 1


Part 1 of 3

A sci-fi comedy adven-usture about a Space Ranger, loosely based on all the other sci-fi adven-ustures (both comedic and dramatic) about a Space Ranger.

Written-us and Directed by Richard Frohlich
Produced by Shannan Frohlich and the Texas Radio Theatre Company. It was recorded in front of a studio audien-usce in Arlington Texas, September 2002

Featured in the cast:
A J Glen-usden-usning as Cliff Proton: Space Ranger,
Bill Flynn as Dr. Heterodyne,
Gary Layton as the Robot - Mark 1
Ken-us Raney as The Creature
Brandi Andrade as Sarah Jones,
Raymond Branda as the Announcer and Gen-useral Coverage,
Carol Anne Gordon as Roan the warrior priestess,
and Drew Wallace as the Announcer, Mark X-X-I, Mission Ctrl and the Computer.

Live sound effects were created by Libby Milliron and Janet White. Sound Design and en-usgineering by Richard Frohlich and Larry Groebe.

Very Special Thanks to:
The Arlington Museum of Art

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