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Nanowrimo Section for those folks participating in Nanowrimo. For support, advice and encouragement.

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Jerm's recollection is correct. I read the book, long before I ever thought I was going to do NaNoWriMo, just because I thought it would have some useful advice on how to stay motivated throughout a long writing project. And it is definitely very good at that, very practical and down to earth.

Having never done NaNoWriMo I can't really speak with authority, but my assumption is that the book isn't essential, but if you are are concerned about what you're in for and wish you had some strategies for getting through it, picking up the book is probably a good idea.
Wouldn't you know it, getting that book actually inspired me to do Nano. As it happens, I started writing something the night before. I found the book on August 2nd, and being between College and Employment at the time, I thought What the hell? Why not? And I spent the rest of August doing a practice run.

But about the book. No, you definitely do not need the book to participate. But in my humble opinion, I think the book is certainly useful.
Anyone needs me, I'll be in the club car.
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